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Spruce Up The House With New Floors- Laminate and Vinyl

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Most of us know keeping up with the Jones' is a quick way to look like you're doing financially well but will only serve to bring you closer to financial ruin. But it isn't all that easy to resist the temptation, is it? Not with Instagram and TikTok constantly showing us videos of that guy we went to high school making a fool of himself with that incredibly beautiful living room for a backdrop. How did he do it anyway? Wasn't he a complete fool?

Well, I can't speak for that one high school friend that you never talked to apart from adding him on your social media, but I can say there are ways to spruce up your house without paying exorbitant prices for a complete remodel. If you had the time and the know-how, would you change out your floors? Do you have a vision of what your house could look like separated from several hundred pictures you have pinned up on your Pinterest dream board?

Pull out a hammer, we at Stand-To! Junk Removal and Demolition are going to teach you how to first remove your flooring and then replace it with your dream floors!

This article is focused on Laminate Flooring but if you have Carpet or Tile stay tuned for our upcoming guides on Carpet and Tile removal and installation.

Tools Needed

If you have Laminate Flooring you are going to need the following tools:

  1. 15-inch Pry Bar- A prybar will be needed to separate the laminate flooring and can be useful in removing thresholds held down by nails.

  2. Hammer- In combination with the pry bar, the hammer will be useful for removing laminate flooring.

  3. Gloves- Most laminate flooring nowadays is constructed in a manner that won't cut you, but if you've had laminate flooring for a long time or you just moved in, who knows what could be lurking underneath your floors? It's best to protect your hands from scrapes and cuts that can get infected.

  4. Flooring cutter, jig saw, or miter saw- Can be rented or purchased.

  5. Laminate Flooring Installation kit- pretty affordable but not needed for drop-in laminate flooring.


You will be happy to know that of all the flooring types, laminate flooring is hands down, the easiest kind of flooring to remove. In fact, you will only need your tools to first remove the floorboard from the wall on the far side of the room and lift up the first row of laminate. With that said read below for step 1.

Step 1. Remove The Floorboard located on the Wall furthest from the entrance of the Room

Locate the back wall of the room you are working in. Then, locate the floorboard and use the pry bar and hammer to remove it. Removing the floorboard might require a bit of effort, but anyone with no serious medical impediments should be able to pry it away from the wall. Warning: Be careful not to push against the drywall too hard as you pry away or you might make holes that will be a pain to fill in later.

Step 2. Separate The First Row of Laminate

Once you have fully removed the floorboard on the far wall of the room you should notice a small space between the first row of laminate and the part of the wall that is now exposed after removing the floorboard. Wedge the pry bar in the little space that exists between the first row of laminate flooring and the wall and pull up the laminate flooring. This should loosen the floor enough to begin pulling the rest out by hand.

Step 3. Pull Up The Rest of The Flooring One Row At A Time

At this point, the rest of the planks should come loose without any coercion from your hammer or pry bar. If you are doing more than just one room, you may come up against a threshold at which point you will have to do as you did in step 1 to pry away the threshold and continue pulling.

Suggestions for Affordable Flooring

Depending on where you live, there will likely be a Floor and Décor retailer nearby. If you don't already know Floor and décor is a big box retailer that stocks all flooring types and works diligently to cycle through their inventory. This means they typically have a large selection of laminate floors on sale or clearance. As with most things on clearance, the quantity might be lacking but should suffice for single-room projects.

In addition, run a local google search for small businesses that specialize in reusing floors, appliances, and furniture. Often times contractors around the city are paid to remove the flooring and make a couple more dollars by selling laminate floors that are still in pristine condition but were used by such businesses. You can get over 50% off beautiful laminate floors by purchasing with one of these retailers.

Lastly, there are many homeowners like yourself that do a project like this and find that they have a bunch of reusable laminate/ vinyl flooring at the end of their project either because they end up with what they've removed or because they purchased too much. These people end up selling it themselves on Facebook marketplace giving you the opportunity to pick up quality flooring for up to 80% of the price!


Now that you've purchased your dream floors follow these steps to install.

Step 1. Determine Layout of Planks

This step is pure aesthetics and is your opinion as to how you believe the planks would look best. If you are going to do a hallway, it is suggested to have the planks installed so that the full length of the plank follows the path of the hallway rather than installing them along the width of the hallway. This will save you time with having to make cuts and it tends to look better when the job is done.

Step 2. Locate The Far Corner of the Installation Space

Locate the far corner of your installation space. If there is a hallway within your installation space start with the corner opposite the hallway.

Step 3. Cut Your First Three pieces

Cut one board in half, one into a third, and one board at 2/3rds. These boards will be the first boards in the second, third, and fourth rows.

Step 4. Lay The First Four Rows Down the Full Length of the Installation Space

Place the boards you just cut along with a full board side to side. These will be the first boards for the first four rows. At this time you will use the tongue and groves to attach the first boards. Depending on the type of flooring you purchased the tongue and grooves should fall into one another easily and snap tight.

Step 5. Follow The Same Pattern Down The Application Area

Once the first four rows are in place move the whole to ensure there are no awkward spaces on either side.

Video for visual assistance: Some of us are more visual learners and would prefer to follow along. Below is a video that will walk you through the installation steps.

Congratulations, you now have a beautifully renovated floor! Go on and show it off!

Have debris leftover and want to get rid of it? We at Stand-To! Have you covered, give us a call at 407-439-1486 or book a junk removal now by clicking here!

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