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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Beautiful Home

March marks the momentous start of a beautiful spring season. The cold is starting to recede and short spurts of rain start making way for beautiful fields of flowers.

As more flowers become visible so too it seems does the sunlight and my oh my, when that sunshine pours in through those windows of yours, you start to see the mess that has accumulated throughout the winter.

After the holidays and at the start of the new year families tend to pick up the pace at work and kids pour back into schools. The pace of life is fast and with the short days of winter, the last thing you might have wanted to do was clean your house. But now the days are becoming longer and brighter and that grime that has accumulated over the winter is starting to show. Time for Spring Cleaning! Here are some tips to get you through what may seem like a herculean effort to get on top of your house cleaning.

Clean Each Room Individually

Start with the low traffic rooms first because these rooms will be the quickest to clean and will prove to stay clean for several days, giving you the necessary boost of motivation to keep pushing your cleaning efforts throughout the house. The last rooms you want to clean are the high traffic large rooms where most of your living and hosting occurs. Now, remember, this is a spring cleaning which means a deep cleaning. Yup, that means pushing those couches and tables aside and cleaning underneath them.

Organize and Identify What Needs to be Replaced or Removed

While you are going through each room tackling the grime one sweep of the broom at a time, take a look at the furniture you’re pushing around to get at the dust bunnies underneath. Are there unappealing stains you can’t get rid of or are there damages you don’t care to fix? These pieces of furniture may have seen their last days and it's time to get rid of them. Remember, with the spring rolling in and summer to follow, you’re likely to be hosting more friends and family in the days to come so start visualizing a replacement to those pieces of furniture you should have gotten rid of a long time ago. If you identify what needs to be thrown away while you’re going around the house cleaning, you’ll be ready to get new furniture in and the old stuff out before you know it.

Set Goals, Involve the Family and Treat Yourselves at the End

Most people tend to push off cleaning because they know whatever they do will only be un-done the very next day by the rest of the goblins in the house. I’m guilty of this. It's easy to feel unappreciated when you’re the only one in the house cleaning.

Well, this is more than a feeling, it’s the truth. Thing is, people don’t appreciate things as much unless their own sweat equity was involved in making it a reality. To this end, make sure everyone in the house has some skin in the game. Involve the whole family, set goals for everyone, and a timeline in which those goals should be accomplished, then once you’ve all succeeded treat yourselves to a day out at the beach or some sort of special event that everyone in the family will love.

Make Your Hard Work Last

You and your family can put in some serious work into cleaning your house only to see it all go down the drain within a week when it's messy again. To that end, try to instill some habits while you’re cleaning to ensure your work lasts longer. If the whole family is involved in the cleaning, have some conversations about how much easier it would be to keep the house clean if everyone was responsible for something and the whole family worked together to keep each other accountable. It will be a fool's errand to try and set up huge habits from the get-go, instead work on building micro habits that lead to bigger and more satisfying payoffs in the future.

Lo and behold, the house is looking good again. Good job! Now that you’ve cleaned every room, set aside the junk that needs to be tossed away, and have built some good habits let's clear out your home of all the bad junk lying around. Pick up the phone and contact your local junk removal company and watch the last remnants of a dirty home disappear.

If you’re in the Orlando Florida area, Stand-To! Junk Removal and House Wash is your go-to for your spring cleaning needs. We’ll haul away old furniture, excess trash bags, mattresses, and can even demolish and haul away old or unwanted backyard sheds, enclosures, and more. Then once the inside of your house is looking shiny, let's get the outside of your house looking good too with a full house wash at 30% off the total cost!

Check out the links below for your Junk Removal, Demolition, and House Wash needs.

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