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Junk Removal

Stand To that Junk

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Junk Removal for Orange, Brevard, and Volusia county

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House Wash

Stand To that Gunk


Pressure Washing, Garage Cleanup, Sidings and Roofs


Demolish That Hunk


Demolition for Remodel Prep, Interiors to studs, Sheds, Barns, and  more


Veteran Owned


     On the military, victory on the battlefield is won by the combatant with the greatest advantage. Such advantage is gained when the enemy is least aware; the time when they are going to sleep or just waking up. In the army, Soldiers obtain a state of readiness at dusk and dawn, an action that has come to be known as Stand-To! Our veteran experience, makes us ready to combat that junk sitting in your yard and that grime collecting on your driveway. 

       Junk Removal and Demolition that leaves your property clean with military precision. Here, We Stand-To!

Understanding The Job

Stand-To! Junk Removal

     Most cities and municipalities have an entire army of code enforcement personnel scouring the streets every day for a fine to lay down. If you have piles of junk sitting around, appliances, or bulky materials left behind from a renovation, you're bound to get a pesky ticket stuck to your front door. 

      You might've been waiting to haul junk away on the weekend, or waiting for that time when you can finally get your family member to let you borrow their truck so you can haul the junk out of there. Well, put it off no longer and let us Stand To the occasion. See, most dump sites are closed on the weekend, only accept certain kinds of junk on specific days or charge specific rates for different kinds of junk, not to mention once you lug that junk into your trunk, you'll have to shovel it out at the dumpsite. What a load of work! Let us do your Junk Removal.



What kind of Junk Removal can we Stand-To? Glad you asked:

  • Appliance haul away

  • Furniture haul away and/or donation

  • Carpet removal and haul away

  • Clothing donation 

  • Construction Debris removal

  • Lawnmowers and generators removal

  • Mattress removal

  • Office Furniture haul away

  • Scrap Metal pick up

  • Television and electronics removal

  • Yard Waste and clippings removal



Don't Let it Get Out Of Hand

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Stand-To! House Wash

      Your house is your sanctuary. It's where your most cherished memories are made and where you can always find comfort. But it's easy for your home base to get bogged down with the grime and gunk that accumulates year after year. Keep your home as bright as the memories you cherish and be proud of your slice of the neighborhood with a pressure wash. Let's Stand-To that gunk.

What we Stand-To:

  • Commercial and Residential pressure wash

  • Driveway Clean up

  • Siding/Stucco pressure wash

  • Patio Area pressure wash

  • Pool Enclosure pressure wash

  • Awning wash

  • Roof Cleanup

Time To Tear It Down

Stand-To! Demolition

There's that old shed staring at you every time you step out into your backyard. You haven't stepped foot inside of it and goodness knows what has made it a home. It might be time to get rid of that hunk of old metal and wood taking up your precious real estate without paying rent. Let's Stand-To! demolish that old hunk.

What kind of demolition can we Stand-To? Glad you asked:

  • Shed demolition

  • Awning removal

  • Small to Medium size backyard enclosure demolition

  • Fence Line removal

  • Disaster Damage like fire or flood remediation and removal

  • Renovation Prep. to the studs demolition

    • Bathrooms, Kitchens, Living Areas​

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